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Partner Stretching

The whole body is interconnected. A muscle attaches to a bone, which attaches to another muscle, which attaches to another bone, and so on. A tight muscle, or multiple tight muscles may be contributing to frequent subluxations. Studies show that consistent stretching can be a key factor in relieving lower back, leg, and hip pain.

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What To Expect

During a stretch session, our rehab technician will guide you in a stretch routine designed to loosen your tight muscles, relieving stress on your body and increasing your range of motion. She will be in communication with you on what muscle she is targeting and how intensely you feel the stretch.

There are multiple benefits to partner stretching. Aside from improving flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow, it also reprograms our brain to push past the limit of mobility that we sense when stretching by ourselves. Having a partner also helps ensure the correct muscles are being stretched by maintaining proper form.

We also offer Isometric stretching- activating the muscle that is being stretched. This type of stretching strengthens your muscles. It is usually used for hypermobile patients, or those who have pain or discomfort with certain movements, in order to develop and strengthen the joint.

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