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Part of treating the body as a whole, is focusing on the strength and functionality of your muscles. If you have a group of muscles that are particularly weak, other parts of your body have to pick up the slack, leading to imbalances and poor posture, which in turn causes subluxations in the spine. Strengthening the imbalanced areas of the spine can help hold adjustments longer and help prevent as frequent subluxations!


What to Expect

During a rehab session, our rehab technician will evaluate what muscles need to be strengthened the most. She will then guide you though various exercises targeting those muscles, being sure you keep proper form and posture.

Learning to exercise properly is very important for minimizing risk of injury and muscle stress, so we spend time making sure you are holding proper posture, and targeting the correct muscles. We specialize care to each individual patient to evaluate what muscles need to be strengthened the most and come up with a personalized exercise plan.

Exercise in conjunction with chiropractic care helps strengthen weak muscles that may be causing misalignments, inhibiting certain movements, or putting unnecessary stress on your spine. Other benefits of exercise include improving quality of sleep, better mental and emotional health, boosting your metabolism, and helping your body just feel and function better in general.

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